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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - Tessa Yeager (Nicola Peltz), Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Shane Dyson (Jack Reynor), Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci)
As the year in film winds down Paramount wants one film to sweep the Academy awards: Transformers: Age of Extinction. They're submitting the film for consideration in every major category including "Best Picture: and "Best Director." And why not? It's already made over a billion dollars worldwide. We certainly didn't like the film, but there are many reviewers that disagree with us. So, to help with Paramount's promotional campaign, here are some stellar reviews of Michael Bay's cinematic masterpiece.

"I'm not going to say that Transformers: Age of Extinction is quite 'good.' But it is arguably the least 'bad' of the franchise." - Scott Mendelson - Forbes

"In the end, though, this is still a movie about giant robots fighting each other, which is to say it's nearly impossible to take seriously on a narrative level." - Ben Sachs - Chicago Reader

"It is frankly pointless to knock its quintessentially Bay aesthetic of massive mayhem and the equally shameless broad corniness of its humor, for all of that is clearly what the film was meant to be and dutifully delivers." - Michael Dequina -

"...if you're looking for the film that makes the Transformers the real main characters and gives them the best part of the story and the best, most resonant arcs, then Age of Extinction is your ticket." - Mark Hughes - Forbes

"Transformers: Age of Extinction is as close to an incoherent mess of movement & noise as cinema gets. Michael Bay is slowly perfecting his brand of blockbuster, and to be honest it's getting quite compelling to watch him fall down this rabbit hole" - Richard Haridy - Quickflix

"The few authentic inspirations to be found in the movie's hundred and sixty-five roiling minutes involve gigantic science-fiction contrivances." - Richard Brody - New Yorker

"It barely matters whether this movie is good or bad. Bay is now the sort of filmmaker -- the only one, perhaps -- whose moviemaking goes beyond such binary banality." - Wesley Morris - Grantland

Truly a worthy addition to the 87th annual Academy Awards.

Official Summary: "A mechanic (Mark Wahlberg) and his daughter (Nicola Peltz) make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons – and a paranoid government official (Kelsey Grammer) – on them. A semi-reboot of the
series featuring a new human cast and both new and returning Transformers characters. Peter Cullen will once gain voice Optimus Prime."
Directed by Michael Bay
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammar, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci and Jack Reynor
Official Site: http://www.transformersmovie.com

Do you think Transformers: Age of Extinction deserves an Oscar?

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