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Minnesota Suburb Gets World's Fastest Internet [Science]

Source: Wikicommons
A suburb of ​Minneapolis, Minnesota called Minnetonka is going on the map as having the fastest Internet access in the world.

The average Internet speed in the USA is 10 MBps (Megabits Per Second). South Korea is known for having the world's fastest Internet at 21 MBps. Well, a company called US Internet has announced that in December 2014, their fiber optic network will provide speeds of 10GBps per second in Minnetonka. That would make Minnetonka the community with the fastest Net in the world. It will go for $339 a month, but if that's too much, you can settle for a mere 1GBps at $65 a month. That's similar to the speeds for Google Fiber, but they still can't match 10 GBps.

Of course, all this is mere peanuts compared to 74-year old Sigbritt Lothberg, who in 2007 was hooked up to a blistering 40GBps connection, courtesy of her son.

Meanwhile, our cable provider Cox is charging $79.99 for 10 MBps. Net Neutrality, people. That's all I'm gonna say.

[Via Gizmag via US Internet]

What would you do with these kinds of speeds? What to do you think about the state of the Internet?

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  1. The internet and WiFi should be a rite..;-)

  2. I guess if you wanted to download every song in iTunes in ten seconds, that would be worth it.
    Net Neutrality - fight for it, people. Otherwise, the cable companies are going to screw everyone.

  3. I'd like any speed. This Motel 6 charges $3 for freaking WiFi. So I have to use my phone.


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