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11 Greatest Black Superheroes Who Used to be White

Captain America (Sam Wilson)
Here are 11 great superheroes that used to be White. Changing a superhero's gender or race is an old trope and is done a lot in comics. Usually it feels like a gimmick and doesn't have any lasting value. But, every now and then, a hero gets created that transcends the stereotype and becomes a strong character on it's own regardless of the ethnicity.

Here are 11 amazing superheroes that started out as "black versions" of popular characters.

Which is your favorite superhero that started out as a black version of another hero? Do you think changing the race of a character makes a difference? Should there be more minorities in comic books?

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  1. Iron Man would be better as a black character.

  2. Invisible Kid was a big improvement...

  3. I liked the Miles Morales and Jason Rusch comics I've read.

  4. Sadly, the new Aqualad barely had a chance to exist before the DC reboot.


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