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Timeline Of STAR WARS With Toys Is Even Better

This infographic of the history of Star Wars isn't just chock full of facts and trivia. It doesn't just include all six movies, and the hit new series, Star Wars: Rebels. No, what makes it great is that it was made by Hasbro, so it's illustrated with classic Star Wars action figures. Not only can you read a nice overview of the series, but you can have a major flashback to the toys you probably played with as a kid. Or play with right now. Hey, no judgement. Click to enlarge:

[Via MTV]

Which toys did you own?

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  1. We had a lot of the old Star Wars ones, though I don't think some of the lame droids or Pruneface or stupid ones like that. They don't have the Clone Wars TV show on there but they have Rebels? Maybe they figured the prequel movies covered that well enough.

  2. I completely missed out on the toys. I remember seeing them around. I was never much into action figures when I preferred dolls.

  3. Well they've said that Rebels is canon, but Clone Wars isn't

  4. I was just a little too old for the toys when the first movie came out, so I never had any of the figures.

  5. Cool! I can't wait to see #7.

  6. I was hoping it was a chronology of the toys themselves.


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