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STAR WARS Without Music is Awkward [Video]

Source: A New Home/Lucasfilm
The musical score of the Star Wars movies by John Williams is legendary in cinema. Many of the scenes owe a lot of their emotional impact to the background music. That's why this edit by the Auralnauts is so hilarious. What would the classic throne room scene at the end of A New Hope be like without music? Well, it goes from stirring and cheerful to kind of uncomfortable.

What did you think? 

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  1. That was odd. Can you imagine what it was like for them when they filmed the scene? Pretend you hear epic music...

  2. If it weren't for the idiotic sounds they pumped in, it'd look like any medal ceremony. The only element that plays differently is R2's entrance. It ends up being, well, awkward. But that may be "thanks" to the tap-tapping added in.

  3. This should be done to all movies, just for funsies.

  4. wait that is how i remembered it... :)

  5. I completely agree!


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