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Watch Karen Gillan Get Her Head Shaved for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

One reason we love Doctor Who's Karen Gillan is she's such a trooper. For instance, she shaved her famous red hair off to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. Some people would have worn a bald cap, but not her. Not like she had a choice - she apparently had to formally agree to shave her head before she could even audition. But she took the whole process very lightly, as seen in this video of the process.

Compare her reaction to Persis Khambatta breaking down in tears during her shaving to play Lt. Illia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

What do you think of Karen Gillan?

[Via MTV]

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  1. Hilarious when she started singing Nothing Compares to You. She was a trooper, because that was a lot of hair she lost.

  2. Love Karen. I had read that she was donating it to the new Star Wars movie.



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