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STAR WARS as Told By a Five Year Old

Star Wars is one of those pop culture icons that most people are familiar with, even if they haven't seen the movies. That's especially true for children, who can be exposed to action figures, lunchboxes, T-shirts, and commercials about Star Wars, all before they ever get old enough to understand the movies. That's why this is so precious, the interpretation of Star Wars by a five year old who's never seen the movies, drawn by artist Adam J.B. Lane.

What do you think?

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  1. Give him a cameo in the new Avengers film.

  2. A Black Panther movie or cameo is long overdue. But then, I'm also rooting for that Black Widow movie. My teen girls would really like to see a female lead in a superhero movie - one that wears actual clothes and can fend for herself.


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