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20 Worst Sci-Fi Wax Displays in the World

Wax sculptures are a tradition going back centuries. A properly made wax figure can be eerily lifelike. But a bad one can be the stuff of nightmares. Here are some of the worst depicting science fiction movies and TV show throughout the world.

First, we go to the German town of Leipzig, which hosted a Star Wars Expo, but apparently couldn't afford accurate figures. But hey, no problem. They decided to make their own. And it turned out...interesting.

Luke Skywalker if he had no elbows and knees
R2D2 or a poorly decorated trash can
Somehow, they managed to make Princess Leia's
metal bikini unattractive 
Chewbacca's head or Cousin It?
A Tusken Raider that replaced his
facemask with a gas mask
Reenactment of that famous scene when a bunch
of random characters stood around on Tattooine
The Darth Maul isn't too bad, but not sure who
the one next to Amidala is supposed to be...and a crocodile?
Either an Ewok or a hairball riding a dirt bike
 Okay, I'm pretty sure NASA astronauts weren't in Star Wars
And now, we journey to the Hollywood Wax Museum, which has been called the worst wax museum in the world. I'm pretty sure you'll agree.
They somehow managed to get three figures
that look nothing like Spock, Kirk, and McCoy
Let's take a quick stop at Louis Tussauds House of Wax in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk...
Okay, Yoda they got, but did Clint
Eastwood play Luke Skywalker?

"Riddle me this...why is my neck so freaking long?!"
And now we move on to the Movieland Wax Museum, which was called the worst wax museum in America. It recently closed, but not before bestowing these nightmares.
If the Terminator was busting through a wall...and Mexican
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are usually for
kids, but this looks like a horror movie
They actually managed to make the Joker
look even creepier than the original

Christopher Reeve apparently lost a lot of weight
before casually flying through this wall
I don't recall the Xenomorph from
Aliens having quite so much green
And now for a few random more...
Apparently, Anakin was not only annoying,
but had a really small head (Source)
Okay, you weren't even trying with this one
(Source: Old Town Wax Museum)
Freddy Kreuger as Doctor Who...Oh, this is
supposed to be Tom Baker (Madame Tussauds)
Which one did you think was the worst? Have you ever been to a wax museum?

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  1. Wax figures in general are creepy but those make them even more so.

  2. I've been to quite a few, including a couple in England, and none were that bad.

  3. HA! They could have done better with paper mache!
    I went to Nashville to The Country Music Wax Museum as a kid, and got a picture with Dolly Parton. All I remember was smiling realy big. :-)

  4. Can we agree that wax figures are a bad idea now?

  5. And people paid good money to see those? Crikey!

  6. I love this post. How did you find so many!

  7. I thought the joker was Beetlejuice! Very funny, creepy, but funny!

  8. i am dying, i would love to see these... awful you say... i say brilliant. :)

  9. OMG, some of those are so creepy. Chewbacca's head! Thank's for making me laugh this morning.

  10. It was a long and disturbing journey


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