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10 Life Lessons from the Underrated THE LAST STARFIGHTER

The Last Starfighter (1984) - Alex Rogan (Lance Guest)

A forgotten classic of science fiction teaches us everything we need to know about life. Back in 1984, the American space opera flick directed by Nick Castle, The Last Starfighter, opened. It told the story of Alex Rogan, played by Lance Guest, who plays an arcade game that gets him recruited by an alien named Centauri, played by Robert Preston, to fight in an interstellar war. The movie was a hit, but suffered for its comparisons to Star Wars. But the story has more in common with the legend of Excalibur and is wholly original. It also stands as one of the earliest movies, along with TRON, to use extensive computer-generated imagery (CGI) to for its starships, environments and space battle scenes. As an avid arcade gamer I loved the movie and am always surprised how few people know anything about it.

Here are some life lessons from this forgotten classic.If you've never seen the movie some of the images will be strange, but the message is universal.

1. Don't fear death, but embrace life

2. Don't think too much of yourself. No one likes someone with a big head

3. See every change as an opportunity

4. Don't get stuck in thinking the way you always have. Look for the other solution to the problem

5. When you get an opportunity, stay positive and carry on

6. Never be afraid of the challenge

7. Always get enough sleep, so you can be yourself in the morning

8. Money isn't everything, but it helps sometimes

9. Do what you love. You never know what it might lead to

10. You'll never see anything in the universe greater than love

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  1. You never know where it might lead.
    Campy but fun movie. Think I saw it in the theater.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  2. I loved that movie! I watched it many times. I love the life lessons, especially the one about the big head.

  3. Excellent list. I remember that movie, though I was young when I watched it. Very nice.

  4. I too enjoyed The Last Starfighter and I like the lessons you've pulled from it.

  5. Yes... Yes... Yes... I love this film and interesting timing, I just interviewed the composer from this film on Friday last. http://www.jmhdigital.com/

  6. Loved this movie! I haven't seen it in years I need to look for it.

  7. I loved this movie. Need to see it once again

  8. Bigger budgets paved the way for better actors and more convincing pyrotechnics, 1984 was a great year.

  9. I'm surprised no one's done a remake of it yet. I loved that movie when I was a kid. The best part is when one of the bad aliens asks, "What do we do now?" And the other's monacle dealie goes over his eye and he says, "We die." Which they do.

  10. A movie I finally saw for the first time a few years ago. I love it.

  11. I love The Last Starfighter, it is one of my favourite movies. I have an iTunes copy of the movie.

  12. Hey, I remember seeing this movie years ago! Great pick for the Underrated Treasures Blogfest.

  13. Somewhere in the depths of my memory, I seem to recall some of these scenes. I think I saw this move. I saw all movies with starships on it after StarWars. :)

  14. Best line ever Pat. I was trying to think of a life lesson for it, but I couldn’t come up with one.

  15. Well worth the money Jo. I got the 25th Anniversary Edition in the Walmart $5 bin which is almost a crime.

  16. It was a great year Spacerguy and SFX have come a long way.

  17. It still holds up Miranda! The Beta unit is hilarious.

  18. I saw it was young too Loni, but I remember being blown away by the special effects.

  19. I had to get rid of my giant holographic head yesterday and I still miss it Clarissa.

  20. It’s a good time Alex, and thanks for hosting.

  21. That was a good deal. Paid more than that for my iTunes version as I recall. Pity they never made a follow up, Zur is still out there after all.

  22. Great choice, I enjoyed the list!

  23. I love how you did this post. Excellent work. :)


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