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10 Best Fights in STAR WARS

ObiWan vs. Grievious (Starwars.com/Lucasfilm)
What's the best fight in the Star Wars series? That's a common question which a lot of fans have tried to answer. Starwars.com tried to put the question to rest by having an editorial meeting, and put together this video showing their favorite fights in the Star Wars series so far. I don't necessarily agree with the ranking (Yoda vs. Darth Sidious over Luke vs. Darth Vader?) but it's a nice overview with a lot of great moments.

Which fight is your favorite?

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  1. The fight with Darth Maul HAD to be number one!

  2. Not bad. I like Episode V Luke vs Vader the best, but I understand Maul being #1.

  3. In terms of mechanics and its theme song the Maul one was better, but Luke vs. Vader is fare more epic because of the twist ending.

  4. The fight scenes are easily one of the best arguments to cherish the prequels.


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