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7 Hottest Female Companions of DOCTOR WHO

The Doctor is known for his human sidekicks, known by fans as "companions," who travel with him, help him, and act as surrogates for the audience in his otherworldly adventures. While he's had dozens of companions, one common theme is that he almost always has a beautiful female companion with him. Here are the seven we think were the hottest.

7. Leela (Louise Jameson)

The Fourth Doctor picked up Leela on a jungle planet. As a member of a primitive tribe, Leela was unskilled with technology but fierce and intelligent. She often wore animal skins that left plenty of her own skin showing, which only made her more popular. She would kill us for saying it, but she was one sexy warrior babe.

6. Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant)

A companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctors, Peripugilliam Brown was a botany student who decided to hop along in the TARDIS. While smart and fun, her personality is not what she's known for. Peri was often dressed in ways that highlighted her ample bosom, which became a point of criticism for her character. We're not complaining.

5. River Song (Alex Kingston)

When the Eleventh Doctor first met River Song, she knew all about him but he knew nothing about her. Over time, they encountered each other again and again, traveling through time together and having adventures, all while developing a surprisingly flirtatious relationship. I don't mind saying I loved how River, older than his usual companions, was still allowed to be sexy. Especially when she was revealed as...well (as she would say), spoilers, sweetie.

4. Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen)

One of the longest-running companions in the show's history, Sarah Jane holds a special place in the hearts of older DW fans. Many Whovians grew up pining for the beautiful and intelligent woman who traveled in the TARDIS with the Third and Fourth Doctor. She didn't dress in sexy outfits or flirt with the Doctor, but her elegant ways coupled with classic beauty made her a fan favorite.

3. Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

When Rose Tyler hooked up with the Ninth and Tenth Doctor, she broke the mold for female companions. Spunky, down-to-earth, and not afraid to speak up to the Doctor, she was also the first companion who openly pined for him. While she never ended up in a real relationship with him (unless you count a freaky clone), many viewers wished they could jump into her arms instead.

2. Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

When the Eleventh Doctor visited a scared little girl, little did he realize he would usher her into a new world. Amy Pond went on to become one of the most complex companions with a husband, numerous trips into her own past and future, and alternate realities. With her fiery hair, pouty lips, and hot pants, she made the TARDIS a sexier place. She's the Girl Who Waited, and we'd definitely wait for her.

1. Martha Jones  (Freema Agyeman)

Rescued by the Tenth Doctor, Martha was a doctor and a babe. Although she's often known as one of the few black companions, she's also beautiful and curvaceous. Smart, funny, and always willing to give the Doctor a piece of her mind, Martha became a beloved companion. As blerds, she holds a special place for us.

Honorable Mention: Clara Oswald

By popular demand, we've added a write-in candidate, Clara Oswald. She's the Impossible Girl, as in it's impossible to see why anyone wouldn't fall for her. She's feisty and holds her own against the Doctor in a way no companion has before. But she's also tender and sweet, and cute as a button, and won fans over from her very first appearance.

Who's your favorite Doctor Who companion?

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  1. You only made Martha #1 because she's black. Billie piper and Karen gillam are light years ahead of her.


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