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10 Hottest Otherworldly Babes [Infographic]

Contrary to popular belief, there's no shortage of hot women in the geek world. They just tend to be more plentiful in the movies and TV shows than the comic conventions. From Leeloo to Leia, this infographic counts down the most otherworldly, and the ten hottest. Brought to you by Man Cave.

10 Hottest Otherworldly Women
[Via Man Cave]

Which one is your favorite? What are your favorites?

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  1. Don't know about Dren. That was a creepy film. Nice to see Leelo on the list.

  2. Leeloo took that movie over!
    Oola got the raw end of that deal with Jabba! I liked her look more than Carrie Fisher.

  3. Put Leelo in Leia's costume and she'd take the cake. I never thought Leia as sexy. Bald headed women are sexy, but it takes a certain attitude to pull it off.

    Um, not that I'm a lesbian and spend my time looking at women as sex objects. Or competition.

    Guess I should have sat out this post.


  4. Love all of Fifth Element. But yeah, Leeloo can be distracting...


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