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50 Things Every DOCTOR WHO Fan Should Know by Horror Channel [Infographics]

"50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know" Infographic by HorrorChannel

Learn everything you should know about Doctor Who in one handy infographic. The 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, lands his TARDIS in a few short weeks and now's the time to start getting ready. Are you a Doctor Who fan or a new "Whovian?" Then, make sure you read this infographic by Horror Channel that lists 50 bits of cool trivia.

50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know

50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know [Infographic] by the team at HorrorChannel

Remember, the season 8 premiere of Doctor Who is August 23 at 8/7c. Check your local listings.

What do you think of the infographic?

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  1. Love infographics and Doctor Who. Great combination. Except, The Five Doctors was the 20th anniversary story and not the 25th.

  2. Excellent infographic! @Corey Charette is correct The Five Doctors was the 20th anniversary story, and not the 25th. I didn't know about Mission to the Unknown being a Doctorless episode, but it is one of the Lost episodes.

  3. that is a great deal of information, it's such a strong show that is very well written even in the beginnings.

  4. I don't watch Dr. Who, but this infographic was absolutely delightful.

  5. David totally stole this. And now I have nothing to say.


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