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What Doc Brown's Mansion in BACK TO THE FUTURE Cost

Have you ever wondered how much Doc Brown's mansion in Back to the Future cost? I honestly never thought about it until I saw this infographic from Movoto. The answer is interesting and actually surprising. Looks like Doc Brown's time travel research was quite lucrative.
Doc Brown’s Back To The Future House For Sale

What do you think of the infographic?

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  1. So is that today's dollar or 1985? Think he needs an energy home.

  2. All he had to do was invest in some stocks or something in 1885 and he could probably live off the interest forever.

  3. it's okay he can go back in time and change a none wining lotto into a win... that is what i would do.

  4. Nisse SöderströmJuly 11, 2014 at 8:43 AM

    now does he also get advance mortgages?


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