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Geek Bits: SNOWPIERCER Childen's Book, Skywalker's Beard and More [Links]

Boba Fett's First Real Appearance Was at a County Fair in 1978 via Geek Tyrant

I'd love to hear what you think of the Internet's greatest moments in this week's "Geek Bits." Also, read reviews of Extant and Snowpiercer.


10. 75 Years of BATMAN Evolution (via He Geek She Geek Reviews & News)

3 Reasons We Can Stop Worrying About Guardians of the Galaxy (via Geek Soul Brother)

A mercenary, a tree and a raccoon go into a bar. What's there to worry about?

8. Solid Gold Godzilla Can Be Yours for Only $1.5 Million (via io9)
Bring in the solid gold Mothra and let them fight!

7. Marvel's Ant-Man Poster (via The Knights - Doctor Who & Science Fiction News)
You will believe a man can ride an ant.

6. Was ‘Star Wars’ Star John Boyega Teasing A Marvel Role On Twitter? Nope. (via /Film)

John Bogoya (Star Wars: Episode VII) tweeted
Currently booking flight to wakanda — John Boyega (@JBoyega)
Everybody freaked thinking he was confirming he was cast as Black Panther in a new movie. It turns out he was reading a Black Panther comic book. It would have been cool though.

5. I Have the Plunger t-shirt (via/Film)

4. Cool Stuff: The Dark Knight Tumbler Lego Out September (via /Film)

Yes. It does come in black.

3. Batfleck's Bat-Cowl From Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Revealed (via io9)
Here's another look at Bat-fleck via Bleeding Cool

2. Lucy Lawless joining Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (via MsMariah's Space Blog-yssey)
She's a strong female character which the show needs. No word on what she's playing though.

1. Check Out Mark Hamill's Real Jedi Beard For Star Wars: Episode VII (via io9)

Obi Wanna Be. Still cool though.



Extant (2014)
"Re-Entry" (01x01) - Recommended

Astronaut Molly Woods tries to reconnect with her husband, John and her son, Ethan, after returning from a 13-month solo mission in outer space.

Wikipedia says, "Extant is a term commonly in use in biology to refer to ... species... that are still in existence, meaning still alive as opposed to extinct." This is obviously a setup for a very far-reaching and complicated series. The first episode is very slow but it sets up everything you need to know about the characters and the characters are very well developed. Executive producer Steven Spielberg has crafted a show that has everything he loves. Deep family relationships and a fascination with technology and aliens (presumably). Halle Berry is phenomenal of course and shows her maturity as an actor playing both a mother and a scientist. These are two things she couldn't have done 10 years ago. The revelation that she's pregnant after being alone in space for 13 months on space station Seraphim is only surprising if you didn't pay attention to any of the promos, but they still make it work. Goran Visnjic plays her husband, Dr. John Woods, and is full of optimism and patience. These are necessary since he's dealing with a long distance relationship and a skeptical audience for his robot child Ethan, played by Pierce Gagnon. It's easy to compare the concept to A.I. Artificial Intelligence but Gagnon manages to play a robot without looking fake like Haley Joel Osment. Her best friend Dr. Sam Barton, played by Camryn Manheim, is the only one who knows her secret. Like a true friend she pushes to let the secrets out, but Molly insists she needs time. The music, by Marcelo Zarvos is subtle, yet powerful. The cinematography by M. David Mullen is futuristic, but feels slightly cold and realistic.

"Extinct" (01x02)
- Recommended

Sam gives Molly an ultrasound in hope of learning more about her mysterious pregnancy.
The second episode sets up the world around Molly and it's interesting how the show is setting up the pieces. The relationships are being tested, but more importantly the stakes are rising. At the same time Molly begins to realize there's a vast conspiracy after she meets former Seraphim astronaut Harmon Kryger, played by Brad Beyer who faked his death and is running paranoid from ISEA. While the first episode didn't give a clue where it's going, the second episode does. Berry gives an even more layered performance than before and Gagnon shows slightly more range. This show is creepy and interesting, but it's going to take patience. Since CBS just picked it up for the full season there's time.


Snowpiercer (2014)
via /Film
In a new Ice Age, where Earth has been frozen for 17 years, SNOWPIERCER is the only place for survivors.

Climate change has made the planet uninhabitable. Those few who survived the planet’s demise live aboard a train that perpetually circles the same track. The tail section is like a slum, filled with people who are cold and hungry, forced to live by their wits, while the front section contains the chosen few, who indulge in alcohol and drugs amid luxurious surroundings. The world inside the train is far from equal.

In the 17th year of the train’s infinite course, a young leader from the tail section stirs up a riot that has been brewing for some time. In order to liberate the tail section and eventually the whole train, this hero and his fellow passengers charge toward the engine located at the front of the train, where its creator, the absolute authority, resides in splendor. But unexpected circumstances lie in wait for humanity’s tenacious survivors…

I already said I don't think it's faithful to the graphic novel, but that was based on the trailers. I haven't seen it, but here are some reviews from around the blogosphere:
  • Snowpiercer Movie Review via Alex J. Cavanaugh Recommended
    "Once the characters start moving forward on the train, trying to reach the engine, the film is full steam ahead and never lets up."
  • Movie Round-Up: Snowpiercer via PT Dilloway - Recommended  
    "It's the kind of movie I'd probably like to watch again just to see if I get more out of it a second time.

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  1. Didn't they ride an ant in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids?" I suggested on a message board that that's pretty much what that movie will be and someone said, "Nuh-uh, he has lots of incarnations in the comics!" But that poster suggests I am right. Can't imagine why Marvel is wasting time with fringe titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man film adaptations while relegating Daredevil and Luke Cage to Netflix.

    Anyway I'm going to hold out for a solid gold Gamera.

  2. Hey, thanks for including my review! Considering the tone of the film, that book cover for Snowpiercer is disturbing.
    Reviews are already coming in for Guardians and they say it's the most fun since the Avengers film. I am stoked for it!
    Meanwhile tonight I will leave my brain at the door and watch Hercules.

  3. I loved Snowpiercer, but I never read the graphic novel.
    I thought that Godzilla was going to be a guest dancer on Solid Gold.
    I am loving the look of Batman with the chin and stubble to look grizzled.

  4. It only costs that much? I've got that much rattling around the washing machine when I've forgotten to empty my pockets. Pocket change! Tell me when a golden statue actually goes for something substantial. Pah...


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