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7 Sexiest Fictional Planets Populated By Women

Before men ever managed to leave the Earth, they looked up to the stars and dreamed of what life might be like there. And being men, they thought of sexy ladies. The idea of a planet populated entirely by beautiful women captured movie audiences during the fifties. There were never any overweight or unattractive women, and all the women are in need of some good lovin’. Here's a run-down.

1) Cat Women Of The Moon (1953)
When a team of astronauts land on the moon, they discover a group of "cat-women," the only survivors of a race that died off when the moon’s atmosphere disappeared. Fortunately, they found a nice cave full of air to live in, but it's not holding up too well. They all have a nice party until they discover the women plot to steal their ship and abandon them on the moon. Fortunately, they escape, leaving the women to extinction. Hooray.

2) Abbott and Costello Go To Mars (1953)
The comedy duo play two average joes who end up being forced by bank robbers to launch a rocket to Venus. There, they discover a group of women who banished all the men (no explanation where to). When they try to introduce some of the ways of love, the evil queen sends them packing back to Earth. Oddly enough, they never end up going to Mars. What a rip-off.

3) Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1956)
When a group of chain-smoking astronauts land on one of Jupiter’s moons, they discover New Atlantis, a colony founded by the original Atlantis. Somehow, they managed to accomplish space travel, but never figured out how to live above the water. The only survivors are a group of beautiful women and their aging “father” who’s so old he doesn’t count. The astronauts fight off a monstrous creature and leave to bring back more men from Earth. Because what all women need is more men.

4) Queen Of Outer Space (1958)
A group of male astronauts crash land on Venus and discover a race of women led by a cruel dictator, Queen Yllana. They discover all the men have been banished (again with the banishing), but the lonely women want them back. It turns out Yllana’s face was burned by radiation, making her ugly. If she couldn't have men, nobody could. In the end, they overthrow Yllana and make the world safe for men again.

5) Missile to the Moon (1958)
When a group of convicts get hijacked by a mad scientist, they end up on the Moon, where they battle rock men, giant spiders, and beautiful women. The women are the only survivors of their race, and plot to steal the spaceship and return to Earth. If it sounds familiar, this is actually a remake of Cat Women of the Moon, a movie so good they made it twice. This version adds monsters, but is actually much, much worse, if that’s possible.

6) Planet of the Amazon Women (1979)
When hunky space hero Buck Rogers (of the 25th Century) gets kidnapped, he becomes a slave on a planet of women. This episode broke the trend of banishing men or killing them off. Instead, all the men were kidnapped as prisoners of war by a rival planet. That’s one war tactic we never thought of. But the outcome is the same: the women want their men back, and Buck is happy to help. He rescues the men and makes the planet co-ed once more.

7) "Amazon Women in the Mood" (2001)
On Futurama, when Fry and his buddies crash land on the planet Amazonia, they discover a race of gigantic women. The women killed off all the men through “snu-snu,” and have created their own perfect society, led by a “fem-puter.” When the men are sentenced to death by snu-snu, they can't decide if it's a reward or a punishment. Fortunately, Bender teaches Femputer that men are good for something after all, but Leela is still looking for an apartment there.

Honorable Mention:
Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) is another classic example, but it’s clearly a parody of the genre. Still, it's better than most of the movies on this list.

Which was your favorite female planet? Would you live on any of these?

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  1. A planet full of women sounds good on paper, but in reality...?

  2. Most of these men don't look happy. I'm only familiar with #2.

  3. No Risa??? Are you trying to make Vanessa Williams cry???

  4. there would be a angry group all the time...

  5. All would be fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


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