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Watch Humans vs. Clones in Nike's Epic Soccer Game

The 2014 World Cup is almost here, and most of the world is on their edge of their seats waiting for it. In the US, of course, most Americans are more interested in competitive fishing than the World Cup. But if soccer was more like this, we might be. For their Risk Everything campaign, Nike released this short film called "The Last Game." Created by Wieden+Kennedy, the short imagines a dark future where genetically engineered clones replace humans at soccer (or "football" to non-Americans). With their superior but less imaginative skills, the clones threaten to ruin the game forever until a team of regular humans come out of retirement to stop them. The short is brilliant with Pixar-style animation, humor, action, and a lot of story packed into five minutes.

[Via Mashable via Nike]

What do you think of The Last Game?

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  1. Way ahead of them - already have my clones!

  2. That was great, and I don't even like soccer.
    Is it me, or did the Clone boss look like Christopher Walken.

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