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See the Enterprise Crew Go Flying in "Star Trek Stabilized"

All versions of Star Trek since the original series depicted action aboard starships (weapon impacts, explosions, warp core malfunctions) by using the highly advanced and sophisticated technique of the actors throwing themselves around the set. Usually, the camera is shaken or shifted to compensate, but some enterprising souls on Reddit decided to see what these scenes would look like if the camera were stationary. Welcome to Star Trek Stabilized. And it's hilarious.

BONUS: Check out Jeri Ryan and Wil Wheaton discussing the technique on an episode of his webseries, Table Top (1:45:00).

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  1. The fourth one is hilarious - Uhura running and flailing up against the door.

  2. LOL! Such bad acting.

  3. Picard looks like he is dancing!

  4. Who else watched...way more of the Wil Wheaton video than was strictly necessary?

  5. Lol, me, its a great show. And can you believe that's his son? Wil has a baby face, didn't realize he was that old

  6. I didn't notice her! I love the one Shatner practically throws himself over the console


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