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If the Trailer For GODZILLA (1998) Was Honest

Godzilla (1998)
By all accounts, the new Godzilla is a huge success, which only serves to underscore how crappy the first American version from 1998 was. You know how some movies seem bad, but then you watch them later and realize they weren't that bad? Yeah, this isn't one of them. Godzilla 1998 is in the small category of bad movies along with Batman and Robin that only get worse over time. I remember all the hype surrounding when it was released, but I wish this new honest trailer from ScreenJunkies had aired instead.  Would've saved me the cost of a movie ticket. This one actually brought up some stuff I never noticed. Like the fact that three of the voice cast of The Simpsons are in this movie. And that the Japanese Godzilla destroyed this version in one of their movies. Get ready for this box-headed, chicken-legged, no atomic-breath-having, Jay Leno-chinned, piece of...man, I hate this movie, too.

What did you think of the honest trailer?

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  1. The last Toho Godzilla movie Godzilla: Final Wars had him fight Zilla, they didn't even call it Godzilla. I won't let my son watch this movie, not because of the violence, but because it puts a stink on the very name of the King of Monsters!

  2. I love the honesty. The girlfriend really can't act and those guys were super French.This makes me want to watch it, as bad as it is.

  3. I thought it could've been even more honest! Why did everyone go see that film again?

  4. You know, I liked this movie when it came out. I know everyone hates it and I know it ripped off Jurassic Park but we saw it in the theater one weekend and I had a good time.

    I haven't seen the new one. I hope to God they put in a "That is the lizard who knocks!" joke. Godzilla movies should not take themselves too seriously.

  5. I need to see zilla get beat up, that would be cathartic

  6. This trailer was hilarious. I especially liked the Josta reference. I remember drinking that when I was a kid and staying up all night! It's probably the best part of the movie. LOL.


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