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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Death Star [Infographic]

The Death Star is one of the most iconic spaceships in the history of science fiction. Geeks are Sexy, in collaboration with Car Insurance Guide, created this detailed infographic about the Death Star. Known areas, known residents, interesting features, it's pretty much all here.

Star Wars Death Star
Compiled by Car Insurance Guide and Geeks are Sexy | Picture hosted on imgur

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  1. It might take me a while to save up enough for a Death Star. To think the Empire spent all that money on the thing and then some dumb farm boy blows it up in like a half hour with a couple lousy torpedoes.

  2. With all those Tie Fighters it is amazing that the rebels were able to break through to get to the Death Star.

  3. That's no moon! That's a space station!


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