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Batman 75th Anniversary Timeline [Infographic]

Source: DC Comics
DC Comics is celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary in style with a new special edition of his first appearance in "Detective Comics" No. 27. DC also created an epic infographic that chronicles almost every significant event in Batman's history across comics, TV, movies, and games. It was featured on Hero Complex, and it's gorgeous. Click to enlarge and explore:

[Via Hero Complex]

What do you think of the infographic? What do you think is Batman's most important moment?

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  1. I had never realized Batwoman came before Batgirl

  2. Nice encapsulation of Batman over the years. I followed the comics into the early 80's but stopped reading as an adult.

  3. They didn't list the death of Damian!

  4. Love that it is illustrated by Greg Capullo, and as Tony stated no death of Damian.
    He did go kinda nuts after that.


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