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Source: Screen Junkies
You might be looking forward to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but not really sure what it is. That's okay. Screen Junkies created this video where they sit down with some big-time comic nerds, and break down everything about the comic series. Find out the history of the comics, the different characters, why they had to shave Karen Gillan's head, and more.

[Via YouTube]


  1. Wonder if she will be Thanos' daughter?
    It will be a very different kind of Marvel movie, but if it does well, we might see them in an Avengers film.

  2. Enjoyed the video, quite positive press for the movie, which I appreciate. Entertaining and nothing too inaccurate, either.
    To people totally new to Guardians, I do want to point out one thing. Rocket used to be referred to as a genetically modified raccoon by the narrative, he used to proudly call himself a raccoon, and others called him one with no negative response. This "I'm not a raccoon!" thing is completely a Bendis creation (read: retcon) that came with the NOW reboot of Guardians. It does seem to be, in my opinion unfortunately, the new reality of the 616. It should be noted, however, that James Gunn, on a number of occasions, has expressed his admiration and appreciation for the Abnett & Lanning Guardians run (2008-2010 aka pre-Bendis and NOW), so it is really not totally clear what the situation will be with this retcon n the Cinematic Universe.

  3. He's not a raccoon...he just looks like one in every way possible. lol

  4. I'll probably watch this at some point, pretty much just for the raccoon.

  5. I'm still not sure how relevant it will be to know too much about the comics in relation to this movie (other than knowing the name Brian Michael Bendis).

  6. still riding the fence, it's going to be a hit or a flop... yeah i know i said riding the fence.


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