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Are These the New Titles for STAR WARS EPISODE VII? [Movies]

Star Wars Episode VII rumored title

Are you excited to find out the title of Star Wars Episode VII? Of course you are! Who wouldn't? But with that much excitement comes a lot of random speculation and rumor. This week "Ain't It Cool News" posted a "confirmed" working title for the next Star Wars sequel and only time will tell if it's real. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi used the working title "Blue Harvest" so we don't know for sure which will be chosen.

Let's look back at the possible titles for Star Wars Episode VII.

6. S7ar Wars (via Comic Book Movie)
"Hey! Let's put the seven in the title!"

5. Star Wars Episode VII: A New Dawn (via Talkbacker)
It could mean anything

4. Star Wars Episode VII: Return of the Sith (via Latino Review)
Since all the Sith are dead this title is very puzzling. Of course, the Sith were considered dead before. It's a nice play on Return of the Jedi.

3. Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Jedi (via Latino Review)
Awesome. It points to a return of the Jedi council that was in the Expanded Universe novels.

2. Star Wars Episode VII: Ancient Fear (via Ain't It Cool News)

I'm assuming this refers to the return of the Sith and Max Von Sydow's unknown role. Kinda cool.

1. Star Wars Episode VII: The Undiscovered Profits (via Atlantic Wire)
Since Star Wars was bought by Disney, this may be the most accurate title ever.

Which is your favorite possible title for Episode VII
? Which is the worst?

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  1. they should call it... Star Trek Wars... or Star Wars Trek? I am kidding that would be silly... unless the crossover happens.lol... I just heard of a BSG remake, smack me... right now.

  2. I kinda like The Ancient Fear.

  3. The Ancient Fear sounds cool.
    They should keep away from Jedi or Sith in the title.

  4. Undiscovered Profits made me laugh. The Death of Jar-Jar might make everyone happy.

  5. It is kinda cool. Why do you think it works?

  6. Yeah, I think either word feels overused. I winder why?

  7. My favorite Alex. How much money do you think they'll make on the movie?

  8. BSG remake? Exciting! Star Wars Episode VII: The Star Trek would kill at the theaters Jeremy!

  9. I guess "Rise of the Jedi" is most like the other titles ("Attack of the Clones" "Return of the Jedi") but it doesn't seem to fit. I bet none of these are it.

  10. It's evocative in a fresh way, which is how the titles of first episodes in this series tend to be.

  11. My money's still on "Episode 7: Tinkerbell and the Haunted Death Star"


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