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May the Fourth Be With You 2014

Yes, as you're probably aware, it's May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, because "may the fourth be with you." Get it? Yeah, so we're doing our part here to celebrate one of our favorite franchises (except for the prequels, those were hit or miss in our opinion). Here's a roundup of May the Fourth celebration stuff.

1. Food for thought...

2. Yoda celebrates

3. Just Say No...

4. From J.J. Abrams

5. A Bittersweet Celebration

6. MST3K: A New Hope

7. This one's for you, David

8. Slave Leia always makes the day better

9. NASA Shares the Fun

10. "Thank you, May the Fourth, for being the perfect holiday for Star Wars fans as well as people with lisps."

Will you be celebrating May the Fourth? What's your favorite celebration?

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