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Hugh Jackman's Audition Shows a Different Origin for Wolverine [Video]

X-Men (2000) audtion Hugh Jackman

Have you ever heard of Hugh Jackman? Watch his audition tape for X-Men right before he hit the big time.

Hugh Jackman is a major actor today and People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive of 2008" but once upon a time he was a nobody. He mainly did Australian independent film and theater work. But, when Dougray Scott dropped out three weeks before filming began, Bryan Singer made a last minute decision to cast Jackman as Wolverine. This video isn't his first audition, but it's his first script reading. Besides his terrible American accent it has a very different description of his origin and waking up in the forest with no memory. It's also cool to hear how Bryan Singer saw the character and discussing with Jackman the best way to play the role. In part Jackman says, "I woke up one day in the forest in the middle of nowhere and I didn't know what I was capable of. "

Check it out and catch the nuances in his performance that led to his becoming the most popular mutant ever. Watch the video below (11 minutes).

What do you think of the audition tape? Can you see what Bryan Singer saw in Hugh Jackman

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  1. I think I have this on my deluxe DVD with extended scenes.
    It has been too long since the last viewing.

  2. I'm sure my wife would see what Singer saw.

  3. I figured it's a DVD extra somewhere and it's worth the price of the disk.

  4. I'm sure a lot of women see what Jackman does.


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