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How Much Did the Damage in GODZILLA (1998) Cost?

Source: YouTube
As the new Godzilla burns up the theaters, CinemaSins decided to take a look back at the first American remake. It may have been a critical disaster, but it had no shortage of damage. Here's the tally of what it would cost to clean up the mess.

What do you think of the video?

[Via http://youtu.be/YouTube]


  1. Over three billion to repair the physical damage, but no amount of cash to repair the mental trauma from seeing that movie. Wow, does it look bad now...

  2. Adjusted for inflation is that more or less than Man of Steel?

  3. CinemaSins never get old!
    I thought they were forgetting the countless cars and random buildings till the end.
    I never would have thought of the Godzilla steps that tear the road up!


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