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What's the Most Iconic Sound in Sci-Fi? [Survey]

Battlestar Galactica (1978) - Cylon helmet (Source)
Open Hailing Frequencies: What is the most iconic sound in science fiction?
The other day I was in the pediatrician's office and forgot to turn the sound off my phone. I was bored, so I started up "Candy Crush." As soon as it opened the music blasted through the waiting room. I quickly turned the sound off but not before I heard a chorus of "I love that game!" Some sounds are just iconic like that. You hear a sound, even a second, and it's immediately recognizable. Can you hear R2-D2's beep without thinking of Star Wars? When you hear the Six Million Dollar Man sound you think of someone strong or fast. When you hear the Cylon "whoosh" you think of Battlestar Galactica...or Knight Rider I guess.

Anyway, here's your chance to help. Is there one sound that defines the genre?

Please post a picture or video clip of the thing that makes the sound and then please list the why it makes it iconic. I'll list all the suggestions in the post and you can chime in with your thoughts on the list.

Come back next week for the bi-weekly caption contest and comes back in two weeks for the next poll.

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Read the comments to see why I made the Cylon the header image.

What is the most iconic sound in science fiction genre?

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  1. The most iconic? Probably not the most, but it was the first that came to mind - The Terminator theme -

  2. Darth Vader's breathing. Or lightsabers (in general). Or Chewie (in general).

  3. I would vote for the lightsaber sound. But really I think there's that one Stormtrooper or whoever who screams when he gets shot and they use that all the time in movies and episodes of Family Guy and stuff.

  4. To me the sound of the Cylon says Sci-Fi. We think of robots and space.

  5. To me the sound of the Cylon says Sci-Fi. We think of robots and space.

  6. You're right there Alex. Just the first few note have you hooked.

  7. Definitely some iconic sounds from Star Wars

  8. Vaders Breathing and the Imperial March (Vader's theme)

  9. I have to admit, Star Trek's classic whistles, chirps and beeps rock my world.

  10. oh my... i thought knight rider car noise and or the opening of a star trek communicator... light saber or vader breathing... lets say breathing, the asthmatic bastard.

  11. My favorite is the cylon, but I have to agree, Vader's breathing is the most iconic. It's the one thing you could play for almost anyone on the street, and they'd recognize it.


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