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Batman Takes His Driver's Test [Television]

Source: Fox
I just want to say that Fox's late-night cavalcade of weirdness Animation Domination HD is a seriously whacked-out wonderland. Yet among its evil gods and ax-wielding cops lies the comedic genius of BATMAN: DRIVER'S TEST. Watch what happens when the Dark Knight has to put his car through the paces to renew his license. He's the driver Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

[Via Youtube]

What do you think of the driver's test?

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  1. He wasn't very good, was he? And a little confused about bats not appearing in mirrors.

  2. Does he have Gotham's permission to drive?

  3. HE'S BATMAN!!!
    Surely he has a Bat-license in his utility belt.


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