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20 Ways to Recycle the E.T. Games Dug Up From Landfill [List]

Film Director Zak Penn shows E.T. Game uncovered from Alamogordo, N.M landfill
This weekend they found hundreds of thousands of E.T. videogame cartridges in a landfill. So what do we do with them? Besides playing them?

Back in 1982, Atari produced the worst videogame ever made. After sales plummeted, they were stuck with thousands of games returned by stores. There has been a long-standing urban legend that they were buried in a landfill, but it was finally confirmed yesterday when director Zak Penn uncovered them in New Mexico. I played the game and can personally attest that it is the worst experience of my life.

So, what do we do with 750,000 old E.T. games? Thanks to some ingenuity and the enterprising folks at Instructables and Etsy, here are 20 things we should do with them. Besides playing them, of course.

1. Give Them a Proper Burial

The landfill is too good for them. We need to give them a proper send off.

2. Turn Them into Drinking Flasks
You'd need to be drunk to enjoy this game anyway.

3. Sell 'Em 

Sure, they've been buried in garbage for 30 years, but if people would pay $13,000 for "Air Raid" they'll pay a bunch for these legendary cartridges.

4. Turn Them into Harmonicas

As long as you don't mind putting your lips on them.

5. Turn them into Clocks

Watch time crawl playing this awful game.

6. Turn them into Wallets

In homage to all the money wasted on these things.

7. Let Lady Gaga Make a Dress Out of them

If she can make a dress out of dozens of Kermit the Frog dolls, she can make one from E.T.

8. Turn them into Speakers

9. Turn them into Wireless Routers 
802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11ET

10. Turn them into Urinals

This might actually be an upgrade.

11. Turn them into Money Banks

Save up for E.T. 2!

12. Turn them into Money Clips
Never lose money on the E.T. game again.

13. Turn them into Necklaces for Hip Hop Artists 
"2 Chainz" could change his name to "2 E.T. Chainz."

14. Turn them into a working Nintendo Entertainment System

Screw Atari by turning them into a Nintendo.

15. Turn them into Portable Hard Drives

16. Turn them into Fishing Kits
Instead of wasting time inside you can spend it outside.

16. Turn them into an iPod Dock

17. Turn them into Belt Buckles

Let E.T. hold your pants up!

18. Turn them into Business Card Holders

19. Turn them into Drink Coasters

Drink your sorrows away while remembering this game.

20. Build a Statue

Someone already made a Metroid statue out of game cartridges. We can make a massive E.T. statue to memorialize the lost hours.

What would you do with 750,000 E.T. game cartridges?

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  1. I think I'd sell them on EBay since I'm sure they're worth quite a lot of money to hipsters who want to impress people by owning such a terrible game. I'm glad I never got that to play.

  2. You'd need to drink to enjoy the game - hilarious!

  3. This game was horrific! I like the urinal idea, after drinking to play the game you would have to go relieve yourself somewhere!

  4. Thanks Alex. I wish I'd followed my own advice.

  5. Oh yeah Pat. They'd make great conversation pieces.

  6. I played the game. I remember feeling like it was somewhat of a disaster and went back to pong - never real thought much about it since.

  7. Build a bridge out of them! (No, wait. That's what you do with witches. Never mind.)


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