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10 Things You Didn't Know About Darth Vader's Armor [Infographic]

Darth Vader's armor became a legend from the moment he walked onto the screen in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. But what is it made of? How does it work? That's how this graphic comes in handy. The text and images are taken from Wookiepedia, the Star Wars wiki, and most of the information doesn't come from the movies, but from the Expanded Universe (novels, comic books, videogames, etc). It's a fascinating look into this dark warrior.

What do you think of the graphic? What's the most interesting thing you learned?

[Via Reddit]

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  1. I had no idea his armor had all those features.

  2. Quite a complex system. Most of that was probably conceived after the first movie. Trapped in a suit and itching like crazy - sounds like hell to me. No wonder he was so bitter and evil.

  3. It needs to have roller skates and a helicopter fan like Inspector Gadget.

  4. Makes sense to me. Hans Blaster was ineffective, and Luke only glanced his shoulder with his lightsaber. I just would hate to be the guy that had to bathe his necrotic skin!

  5. Joy Campbell-ChambersApril 17, 2014 at 11:49 AM

    The life support capabilities top the list. Can't imagine wearing anything though that would make it hard for me to lift my arms.

  6. What about Padme? Is she alive?



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