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Sir Patrick Stewart As You've Never Seen Him Before...Drunk

Patrick Stewart, Source: YouTube
You've never seen Sir Patrick Stewart like this...

I remember as a young lad watching Jean-Luc Picard stride across the bridge of the Enterprise, the very personification of command and power. He rarely lost his cool, and always seemed in control. Since then, he's gone on to become knighted by the Queen, and become one of the most respected actors in the world. That's why it's a bit of a shock to see him in a couple of videos that have popped up online. Thanks to the Internet and mobile phones, we can now see Sir Patrick Stewart in a more candid light (translation: blind, stinking drunk).

This first one was taken by his son Daniel Stewart after a pool game. Stewart broke down the game as if it were a football match, and by his own admission, had one too many scotch and sodas. As a result, there's a bit of NSFW at times.

This next clip comes courtesy of Stewart's then-girlfriend/now-wife Sunny Ozell. In what looks like a treehouse, Stewart schools her on the very rare comedic "quadruple-take." I'm not sure what he's on, but I'm pretty sure it's something potent.

And because you asked, here's Patrick Stewart doing the extremely difficult and rare "infinite-take."
Source: Reddit
What do you think of the videos?

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  1. Someone snuck in some romulan ale

  2. It's nice seeing another side to him. :)

  3. He has a great humorous side. Made funnier with alcohol.

  4. The dude has earned taking liberties. And he's hardly only ever the serious dude he portrays in the movies.

  5. This is great. I love when he and Ian McKellen are together cutting up.


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