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Caption This: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Professor X in Cerebro [Poll]

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) in Cerebro (Source)

It's time for my favorite post of the week. This week's "Caption This!" is from the new X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer! You can watch it below.

Add your caption or motivational phrase to this picture in the comments. For an extra 5 points create your own captioned image and add it below using http://www.memecreator.org or http://diy.despair.com/.

Last time's caption winner is Alex J. Cavanaugh!

Make sure you check out his blog and follow him on Twitter!
I'd like to do a shout-out to David for making a motivational poster! Great job Man.

Here are some of the gut-busting captions you guys submitted.:
  • Tony Laplume - "We will be able to fire twelve shots at most. Which, actually, in this instance is more than enough."
  • Ocho - "Red Shirts vs Stormtroopers: Those who die easily vs. Those who can't aim."
  • LDianeWolfe - "It all started when someone compared Worf to a wookie."
  • MedeiaSharif - "That was fun. Now let's hug."
  • spacerguy - "My gun is cooler than yours!"
  • Sci-Fi Gene - "Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational blood bank."
  • Shannon Lawrence - "Hm, let's just call this one a draw, shall we?"
  • Shane -"Redshirts: We always die!
    Stormtroopers: We shoot but never hit anything!
    Redshirts: You're cool then!
    Stormtroopers: Sweet! Let's get some pizza.
  • comicbookandmoviereviews - "Hey! Let's just calm it down for the moment, people. I've just farted in my Stormtrooper outfit, and it's getting really smelly in here.
  • Pat Dilloway - "Fortunately for the Trekkers Stormtroopers can't hit anything."

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23, 2014 in the USA.

What caption would you give this picture? What do you think of the trailer?

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  1. This is a really bad trip, man!

  2. Need...to erase...happy memories...of Mystique!

  3. Oh God, I found Blob, right as he was getting out of the shower...

  4. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  5. This *is* my Simon Pegg impersonation!!

    (Okay, lame, I know, but he kinda looks like him in this shot!!)

  6. This is ridiculous we have all this scientific know how and yet I still can't walk! You bastards deserve what's coming!

    And yeah, I did just shit my pants!

  7. Yes! It's my final answer. Don't let them take me!

  8. The look on Professor X's face when Doc Brown wants his brain-wave analyzer back to the future.

  9. shaddup and enjoy the damn movie asshat

  10. John Walsh-WadleggerAugust 25, 2014 at 8:54 PM

    1) Ostensibly, she could get closer to Stark than any other agen that their disposal. She's one of the best, and one of the hottest agens they have, both big plusses in this case.
    2) It isn't uncommon to leave dangerous things in people because removing them can be more dangerous. If it was safe he would have done it earlier.
    3) No, they needed the armor. The other imitations fail because they are working around the limitations of their power sources, NK required an oversized, clumsy machine to house enough mobile power. Iran's just explodes, and Hammers is plugged into an electrical socket (more or less)
    4) See above, but also his repulsors are super science knowone else had figured out yet.
    5) Possibly. The armor is good enough. It has the power to end most armed conflict, and is a strong enough detterent to prevent more from cropping up, it boils down to how effectively the psychological impact is brought to bear.
    6) SHIELD > Tony, at least when it comes to intelligence. If they want to crack a system, its cracked. And access to the lab probably wouldn't actually be that limited, getting to the house itself would be hard part. Think of it like the difference between the lock on your bathroom and the one on the front door to your house.
    7) Doesn't make much sense, maybe he also inherited?
    8)Tony obviously gave Rhodie access to the armor, presumable JARVIS knows this and would help him. There are also no instances of JARVIS refusing anyone elses orders, aside from trying to terminate a call from Coulson. He is supposed to be a butler after all, so long as he's not violating his programing and thinks Tony wouldn't mind there is no reason for him not to help anyone.
    9) Presumably the suit helps targeting, it would have to be able to override some muscle input otherwise every tiny twitch while flying would have serious impact. And the explosion isn't so farfetched as lots of other movie physics, there are several possible explanations. The easiest would be that the repulsors generate a flow of exotic particles, and they cascade off each other if 2 direct streams meet, meaning statistically they have and equal chance of going in any direction, which would result in an omnidirectional burst.
    10) Ummm.... yeah. Pretty much this falls into Xanatos Roulette territory, teh assumption being Stark Sr. knew those exact words would somehow tip Tony off, because... he knew him so well... and... he's so like his dad, who he obviously knows really well.... yeah.
    11) Yeah that's weird. Only thing that makes sense is it must have some sort of energy absorption/reflection built in, it's not impossible he's ran into a few groups with directed energy weapons between movies, Marvel is a "5 minutes in the future" setting.
    12) Rule of cool dude.

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