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50 Unbelievable Facts About Earth [Infographics]

Earth is pretty amazing with a lot of incredible stuff to learn. Here's a pretty neat graphic on space, Earth, the ocean, and everything in between, brought to you by Giraffe Childcare and Early Learning. What animal can survive for up to ten days in the vacuum of space? What's the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth? Click below to find out.

I feel bound to point out some errors in this graphic, not to pick on them, but for clarity. We've made mistakes in our infographics. There's a lot to juggle. But just so you're not misinformed, here are some facts. By the way, if you ever want to fact-check something, show it to Reddit. There are a wide variety of people knowledgeable in various fields, more than eager to harp on every typo, misprint, and inaccuracy. So these are courtesy of Reddit:
  • The Earth is not smoother than a bowling ball.
  • The gigantic of dinosaurs being caused by a greater concentration of oxygen during the Mesozoic is incorrect.
  • The Atlantic has way more water than the Antarctic has ice.
  • Most paleontologists do not classify dinosaurs as reptiles, but as their own species closer to birds.
What did you think of the infographic?

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  1. There's a door to hell? Well, we know where not to go.
    The world would nave no earthquakes without plate tectonics, but hey, overheating would be far worse.

  2. I love learning facts like these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So cool. I love looking at infographics like these.

  4. If I disappear for a few weeks, it's because I'll be digging my way to China. And coming across a fortune along the way!


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