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If Cats Had Wolverine and Cyclops' Powers [Videos]

All cat lovers know the frustration of discovering their cat clawed the furniture. If there's one thing cats don't need, it's more destructive potential. That's why these videos made by Kaipotainment are fun to watch. What if cats had the powers of Cyclops or the metal claws of Wolverine? It would look something...like this.

This cat's the best at what he does, and what he does is very cute.

[Via io9 via YouTube]

What did you think of the videos?

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  1. I bet most cat owners already feel like they have a Wolverine cat.
    The Cyclops one was funny, especially when it zapped the helicopter.

  2. If I owned a helicopter I would stay away from that neighborhood!

  3. I endorse this. It would allow cats to do what they are already imagining.


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