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6 Newspaper Headlines During THE AVENGERS

We loved the Jest's hilarious take on newspaper headlines during The Dark Knight Rises. That's why we decided to present our take on it, using Marvel's The Avengers. Here are six newspaper headlines you might have seen from the Marvel Avengers Universe. Click below to enlarge.

Note: These do have spoilers for the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously.

What do you think of the headlines? What headlines do you think would appear?

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  1. Some spot on headlines there. I think I'm going to convert to Norse. That whole Ragnarok thing is pretty badass.

  2. Can you imagine the stench put out by the Chitauri?

  3. Cool headlines, how about : Thor is living proof of immortality! Where did our humanoid masters get their powers? Seeing Norse Gods for real is bound to make a very lasting impression on us mere humans.

  4. I like these, except the War Machine one is invalid. Or is it a coverup for what he was actually doing? A comicbook was released that tells the story of what and where Lt. Col. James Rhodes aka War Machine was doing during the Manhattan invasion that the Avengers contained. Wonder if the creators of these memes knew that? If they did, it can serve as his "alibi" or coverup. If not, should check out the digital comicbook that tells the story of where Tony sent Rhodey on a mission for him during that invasion.


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