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5 Funniest Fake Newspaper Headlines From 'The Dark Knight Rises' [Movies]

Jest.com created a series of twelve fake newspapers imagining what headlines might look like in Gotham City during the events of The Dark Knight Rises. Here are our five favorites.

You can read all twelve of the fake headlines at Jest.com.

Which is your favorite? What other headlines would be in Gotham City?

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  1. Nah, there's no way Wayne and Batman dying at the same time could be related...yeah, people in superhero stories aren't too bright sometimes. That big tall guy can't possibly be Superman, he's got glasses! But really Bane could have had the henchmen's teeth fixed to match the doctors, which is really what you'd use to identify a body in a plane crash since there probably wouldn't be much blood around after all the fire and stuff.

  2. The Gazette ones are good!

  3. Technically Bruce Wayne could have just become a recluse again, moved out of the country, as he clearly did. But still pretty funny stuff.

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  6. "Like cat, is woman" -- that made me chuckle. Good stuff!

  7. LMAO! I love these, especially the wingless plane and the Joker one.


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