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40 Infamous Villain Hideouts [Infographic]

Source: Movato
You're not a real villain if you don't have a cool and occasionally secret lair. There have been some memorable villain's lairs in movies and TV, and real estate blog Movoto has created these epic infographic comparing forty of them. You can explore the hideouts in more detail with facts and statistics about each with an interactive version at Movoto.

Source: Which Villain Has The Best Hideout? created by: Movoto.com

[Via Daily Mail via Movoto]

Which do you think is the coolest hideout?

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  1. THAT WAS GREAT! From Plankton to the Death Star.
    It needed one more...The Hall of Doom for the The Legion of Doom...

  2. I love that they're listed by size, and that the "Space Balls" versus of the Death Star is officially listed as larger than the Death Star itself. So, presumably, would be the "Space Balls" Star Destroyers to the actual Star Destroyers...

  3. Nisse SöderströmFebruary 7, 2014 at 2:43 AM

    interesting, however im missing some important entries: king koopa's castle, planet Zebes, and (most important) dr wily's castle!

  4. That's pretty awesome, one of my favorite infographics because if I hover over the image it brings up details. Much needed because I was only able to guess about half of those from looking at the image.

    Weird that they had Isengard listed as being bigger than Sauron's tower in Mordor though. When you hover over them you can see Isengard is indeed way smaller, I guess they wanted LOTR stuff together, but that seems weird because everything else is done by size.


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