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See Disney Princesses as STAR WARS Jedi [Gallery]

Padawan Rapunzel by Ralph Sevelius

What would happen if the Disney princesses were in Star Wars? Since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise there have been a bunch of great mash-ups, but these are my new favorites.

Ralph Sevelius created a bunch of great crossovers of the Disney Princesses, like Ariel and Aurora, with Jedi Knights and Sith Lords.

Check out his Deviant Art site pushfighter.deviantart.com and his blog http://ralphsevelius.blogspot.com/

Via /Film

Which is your favorite and why? Do you have a favorite Disney princess?

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  1. Makes them look a little hotter, that's for sure.

  2. I like Mulan's outfit.

  3. I'm with Alex, they seem a little more mature and attractive.
    American Anime.

  4. I have seen a ton of Disney Movies, but I'm not sure I recognize more than half those girls. I do like the bearded ones that have been making the rounds though.

  5. Yes indeed David. All grown up and taking names.

  6. I'm falling behind on Disney movies too Rusty. I saw the bearded ladies on The Mary Sue! Brilliant.

  7. Mulan seems very fitting. I didn't know Rapunzel was a princess and haven't seen that one.


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