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Howard Stark's Notes in IRON MAN 2 Had Real Science

After watching Iron Man 2 enough times, a Redditor nicknamed Blueintegral discovered a startling sign of the amount of detail that went into the props. In the scene where Tony Stark goes through his father Howard Stark's old notebooks, Blueintegral noticed this:
The prop guys had some time to kill.

What do you think?

[Via Reddit]


  1. That's surprisingly thorough.

  2. Mind Blown!
    Didn't they find the same type thing on the blackboard in the new Thor movie?

  3. I knew that I'd seen somewhere, maybe it was in a pop sci magazine, around the time of the movies release, and article about how they used as much real science as they could in the movie. Those were not the examples they'd used, but it did make me appreciate that they were trying.

  4. Know-it-all rant: It was Verhoven's wife who pulled the script out of the garbage, read some of it, and told him he had to do it.

  5. There is also a drawing of a tesseract in there.


  6. Not only Dallas, parts of it were filmed in Houston. The Steel mill scenes, were filmed in an old industrial section, off of Interstate 10, in Houston, the outdoor shot of City Hall,was of ( I forget exactly which building, but it was an exterior shot, of a much shorter building in Houston, which was (digitally?) I doubt it given the age of the film, but it was visually extended into a Skyscraper, for the movie)

  7. Ten reasons Superman will kick Batman's ass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gjySvkabZI

  8. Batman can take superman down using a Kryptonite bullet. Once he shoots it inside him then superman would be lying on the ground. But superman has super speed. Batman would have his other pice of Kryptonite already out to weaken superman and get rid of his powers temporarily. Then shoot superman and finish him. Superman has an average Iq and he would just go head on into the fight like always.

  9. Batman already and always will have a plan even if he doesn't have time. He already knows how to take down superman and every member in the justice league in case they ever went rogue.

  10. some of these are so unlikely, you shouldn't even put them as ways he would "own" him. Superman knows Batman's identity too so that doesn't work. Superman can become a god if he wants. Batman can only do shit to Superman if Superman is unprepared and Batman has time to plan and even then he always needs kryptonite. There are a hundred ways superman can kill batman in an instant. Fly him into space, drop him from way high up, one punch to the face when he is flying or running at superspeed or fly him into the sun, ect.

  11. To be fair, Batman has a PLAN for everyone . . . whether or not it will work is still open to question. He is human, and as such is at a huge disadvantage.

    Of course, the writers will allow Batman to win because he's the underdog. If Supes wins he will look like a bully, but if Batman wins, he will look like a hero. It's known as the David and Goliath syndrome.

    We wouldn't cheer if a cartoon coyote eats a cartoon roadrunner, would we?

    What if Bluto were a skinny midget? Would we still cheer Popeye?

    Would we cheer Muhammed Ali if he beat up a kid in a wheelchair?

    Just sayin' . . .


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