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Everything Wrong With THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN In 2 Minutes Or Less

I may be one of the few people who actually enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman, but I'm not going to say it didn't have its flaws. Cinema Sins struck again with a rundown of some of the goofs, flaws, and annoyances this movie included. It didn't take long, starting with "this movie exists."

What did you think of Amazing Spiderman? Anything else wrong that you noticed?

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  1. Yeah, what about that skateboard?
    I liked the reboot as well. Definitely better than the third Spiderman from Raimi. Which is a shame, as I've always dug his work.

  2. Gawd yes he takes off his mask all the time! Why wear it when you're going to show your face to every passer by? Of course that was also a problem in the Raimi ones too. He might as well have run around handing out business cards saying, "Peter Parker - Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!"

    And yeah, who uses Bing? Other than Microsoft employees.

  3. i am dying thank you... i know there was several reasons i didn't like it... now the world knows there is more.

  4. I didn't know that this movie was so disliked. I thought it worked extremely well. I mean, if they're having to note that Uncle Ben messed up Peter's rubik's cube then they're scraping the bottom of the barrel here for sins.

    I don't think it's as good as TDK or The Avengers, but it's among my top 5 superhero movies. I really, really liked it.

  5. I'm glad there were subtitles. Wow, these errors are numerous.

  6. It was entertaining - which is all I really care about, but did someone actually watch it scene by scene to see all that? Amazing viewership!


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