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Caption This: Batman Slapping Robin

Do you think you're funny? Why not add a title or caption to this picture?

This week's caption is about Batman slapping Robin.

Here's mine: "I haven't seen you since last year!" "Heard it!"

Have a better caption for this picture? Head down to the comments section below to throw it out there. The owner of the funniest and most original caption will be given praise and adulation, here and on our Twitter and Facebook page.

The contest concludes next Wednesday at midnight, so please have your ideas in before then.

The captions two weeks ago for "Darth Vader the Pimp Daddy" were hilarious, but the one you voted for was by Rusty Carl:

Congratulations Rusty!

Now it's your turn. How would you describe this scene? What do you think they're saying?

If you don't feel like making up a caption you can still join in. Just use the voting buttons to vote up your favorite caption. Let's vote to see who can come up with the best caption! Click the little arrow next to the comment. Don't forget you can vote up your own.

Here's our Twitter conversation on this topic. You can join in using the hashtag #GT_Caption!


Come back next week for the bi-weekly poll and comes back in two weeks for the next caption contest.

Do you have an idea for a poll, or have you seen a picture that needs a funny caption? Send it to us using our contact form or email us at geektwins (at) gmail.com

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  1. "Don't you just love Justin Bieber!"

  2. I can think of some pretty dirty things there.

  3. I love you.
    Snap out of it!
    (Best line from Moonstruck!)

  4. Ah geez, so much pressure now that I've won. Maybe I should retire while I'm still on top.

    And that lasted about a quarter of a second.

    Batman: "And that's our new secret handshake. We can practice all night if you want."

  5. "Something something Matt Damon!" "Heard it!"

  6. Robin : Can I have the keys?
    Batman : Only Batman drives the Batmobile, Dude!

  7. ROBIN: All I said was Ben Affleck would play a pretty decent Batman in the movies!
    BATMAN: How dare you? Especially after Daredevil!!!

  8. LOL - some good ones already. Don't think I could top them.

  9. Batman: How many times do I have to tell you. .DONT PARK THE BATMOBILE IN THE PROJECTS!!


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