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Which Major Hispanic Character May Be in the New Flash TV Show? [News]

The new Flash TV show could have a major Hispanic character in the show and an interracial relationship. The mid-season finale of Arrow introduced Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and showed the accident that will turn him into the superfast comic hero known as the Flash. The network has already said they're planning to make a spinoff show of the character. Movie Hole says the pilot could have the Puerto Rican Vibe (Francisco "Cisco" Ramon) joining Flash in his fight fight against Professor Zoom.

Vibe's main ability is to create shock waves strong enough to shatter concrete or steel. He's also a superb break-dancer. In the new 52 reboot they established that Vibe's powers can disrupt the Flash's speed. According to Amanda Waller, head of A.R.G.U.S., "Cisco Ramon might be one of the most powerful super-humans on the planet. He wields vibrational powers that could in theory shake the Earth apart. And he's the only person we know of who can find and track inter-dimensional breaches." The most powerful superhero, much less Hispanic character, could become a major character on the show.

Also, according to the casting call for Barry West's girlfriend (and half-sister?!) Iris the show is looking for an African American actress for the Flash show. In the comics Iris becomes Barry West's wife.

Arrow is the most ethnically diverse superhero show ever made. You've got a black man, John Diggle (David Ramsey), as a major character and in an interracial relationsip. Plus, great recurring Asian characters like Shado (Celina Jade) and China White (Kelly Hu). It looks like Flash is following in its parent show's footsteps.

Via The Mary Sue

What do you think of adding Vibe to the Flash TV show? Would you like to see more diversity in television?

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  1. Was Vibe in the comics? Must've been introduced in the last twenty-thirty years, because I don't remember him from back in the day when I read Flash.

  2. I've heard good things about Arrow, and have even seen a handful of episodes, but I've never been as enthralled by the DC universe as Marvel. So I have no idea who Vibe is before now.

    But, I do think it's good that the show is attempting to be more diverse. But until the main characters are non-white I'd say we're still only taking baby steps.

  3. The 1960s Batman show had an Irishman, an Englishman, an Egyptian, a penguin, a joker, an egghead, a catwoman, a batman, a robin...

  4. He's not in the Flash comics. He comes from the Justice League Detroit era (and symbolized exactly what that meant at the time if you know what I mean) and the new Justice League of America era (where his revision and considerable upgrade and not to mention ethnic identity have made him more relevant than ever before).


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