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When Batman "Keeping it Real" Goes Horribly Wrong

Black Batman starts cursing and threatening a guy...in front of kids. So, there's a video making the rounds that shows a guy dressed as Batman going off on a guy and getting talked down by the cops and a couple of guys dressed as Spider-Man.

My first reaction was to laugh, but then I saw the guy playing Batman is Black and it sadly made perfect sense: It's another example of "keeping it real" going horribly wrong.

We don't know what happened but the video starts with a guy telling Batman to stop cursing in front of his kid. Then the cop comes up and Batman really goes off. He yelled things like, "Get the f-k out of here! Gangsta wannabe motherf--ker. He think he gangsta, but he ain't no gangsta. I know a gangster when I see one. S--t. I know a gangster when I see one. All that ain't s--t. That's just performance right there.”

It's another sad example of a young black man taking "keeping it real" too far. The saddest part is seeing kids walking right past him while he keeps cursing. Those kids will never enjoy Batman Begins again. It is pretty funny though. Especially when the guy dressed as Spider-Man assures Batman the other guy isn't "gangsta."

Via New York Times 

What do you think of the video? Is it another example of keeping it real going wrong?

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