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BACK TO THE FUTURE II Cast: Age Makeup vs. Actual Aging

In Back to the Future II, they went into the far distant future of 2015. At the time (1989), they had to use makeup to age the actors. Now that we're in 2013, an enterprising fellow nicknamed Native New Yawker and Uproxx decided to take pictures of the actual actors and compared them to the age makeup. The result? They came pretty close. Check it out.

What do you think? How did they do?

[Via io9 via Reddit]

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  1. Those aren't too bad, especially since they didn't have Botox back in 1989.

  2. I always love the way time travel makes you kinda puffy.

  3. Cool comparisons. I think they look better in real life.

  4. Impressive. Of course having seen the future this may have influenced the actors...

  5. Michael J. Fox is a bloody load of old rubbish, oh i respect his rampaging heterosexuality obviously, but in virtually EVERY other way that bloke is a fucking ludicrous joke.


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