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7 Biggest Spoilers in Scifi Movie History [Infographic]

We recently posted an article with a title that accidentally exposed the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. That's what's known as a "spoiler," information that exposes a twist in a movie, spoiling the enjoyment for someone else. It happens a lot online. I was once chastised on an Internet forum for posting a "spoiler" about the identity of Luke's father, despite the fact that said movie is over thirty years old and Lucas made an entire prequel trilogy that spoiled it. At what point is a movie so old that it's no longer a spoiler? So let's get it all out of the way. Here are the seven biggest spoilers in sci-fi movies.

WARNING: This infographic contains spoilers for Batman Begins, Brazil, Soylent Green, Unbreakable, Planet of the Apes, Empire Strikes Back, and Star Trek II. If you haven't seen them, you should. They're really good.

7 Biggest Spoilers in Scifi Movie History

What other scifi movie spoilers can you name? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to start with a spoiler alert listing what movie you're spoiling first!

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  1. You know in the book there's nothing about Soylent Green being made of people. The Into Darkness wasn't much of a spoiler; it was pretty obvious really. I guess you spoiled Brazil for me, not that I'll probably ever watch it.

  2. I made the mistake of when I first got married spoiling The Six Sense for my wife.
    I had assumed she had seen it, to my dismay she had not.

  3. The original Kirk and Spock farewell is so iconic compared to Star trek Into darkness rehash which made loads of cash, lol. The John Harrison smokescreen was so blatantly obvious yet it kept fans guessing right to the end.

  4. The Sixth Sense came to my mind as well.
    Brazil was... odd. Not one of Gilliam's better movies even though everyone thinks it's a classic.

  5. Spoiler: In Alien3, Ripley she is a host to an alien. Harry dies in the end of Armageddon. Gollum in Return of the King, takes the ring in near the end... he dies!... and sadly only a few directed films by M. Night Shyamalan were a hit making him very sad.


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