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10 Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Fights of 2013 [List]

Iron Man 3 (2013) Iron Legion

What were the greatest fight scenes in all of 2013? Action movies did pretty well this year and in large part it's because they had some amazing fight scenes. From giant robots punching monsters to knife fights on speeding trains, here are the greatest fight scenes in all of 2013.

Warning! Contains Spoilers

#10 - IRON MAN 3 Plane Fight

An epic fight aboard Air Force One between Eric Savin (James Badge Dale) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) leads to the most terrifying midair rescue scene ever filmed.

#9 - THOR: THE DARK WORLD Battle Between Realms

The sequel to Thor was almost guaranteed to be a hit after the massive success of The Avengers, but it earned it's $620 million by taking the action to the next level time and again. A great example is when

#8 - PACIFIC RIM Crimson Typhoon & Cherno Alpha vs. Otachi & Leatherback

Guillermo del Toro's love letter to giant monster movies looked like a massive box office bomb until it took in $407 million thanks to the international box office. It proved that a movie about giant robots punching giant monsters can still work. In one of the most intense fight scenes the Japanese and Russian Mechs against two massive Kaiju monsters in the ocean.


When the Enterprise crew goes to the Klingon home world in search of "John Harrison" they get outnumbered by a Klingon Squadron. Just when all seems lost Khan comes jumping in and takes out all of them. Besides the intense gun battle, Khan makes some amazing leaps in the air and proves himself to be genetically superior.

#6 - G.I. JOE RETALIATION Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow

The G.I. Joe sequel didn't disappoint and one of the best scenes was when Snake Eyes (Ray Parks) faces off against his old friend Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee) at a Himalayan temple. Snake Eyes brought a gun to a ninja star fight and won. The scene culminates in an insane fight on the side of the cliff against dozens of ninjas.

#5 - THE WOLVERINE Train Fight

One of the biggest success stories of the year was The Wolverine which made over $414 million worldwide. That's nearly 3.5 times the production budget of $120 million and guarantees we'll see a lot more of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the future. It's insane action that makes the movies work like when Logan fights one of the Yakuza on top of a speeding Japanese bullet train. Sure, the physics are impossible. But so is a guy with metal bonded to his sketalon and knifes sticking out of his hands. This scene is the best example of "Don't think. Just go with it" of the year.

#4 - PACIFIC RIM Gipsy Danger vs. Knifehead

The movie begins with an all out brawl as Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and his brother Yancy fight a massive beast nicknamed "Knifehead" off the coast of Alaska. Big punches and even bigger slams make this one of the highlights of the movie.

#3 - STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Spock vs. Khan Fight

Star Trek Into Darkness was a huge success and is the highest-grossing film of the Star Trek franchise making more than $467 million worldwide. In this scene Spock (Zachary Quinto) chases Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) through the streets of San Fransisco before fighting him on the top of a flying garbage truck. Sound silly? Maybe, but director J.J. Abrams turns it into the second greatest fight scene of the year.

#2 - IRON MAN 3 Iron Man vs. Killian Fight

Iron Man has a bunch of great fight scenes, but the most outrageous is the ending fight between Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). Besides the intense battle high in the sky it features dozens of armored suits mixing it up.

#1 - MAN OF STEEL Superman vs. Zod Fight

Not everyone liked Man of Steel, but everyone remembers General Zod and Superman brawling through Metropolis and almost destroying it in the process. Some say it's the worst part of the film because of the collateral damage. That may be true, but if two Supermen fought in New York it would probably flatten it like this.

MAN OF STEEL (2013) Final Fight Scene Superman... by dm_5278b22c4d42d

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  1. The Man of Steel fight certainly did the most damage. The Thor one was rather awesome with them jumping in and out. Still dig any of the battles from Pacific Rim. Giant monsters versus giant robots - pure Heaven!

  2. Had to watch each and every one of these!
    It's just absurd the amount of damage from Zod vs Superman. Ouch. Insurance rates are going to skyrocket.

  3. Excellent fights. I did like all the Pacific Rim fights.
    Elysium had a decent end fight with Max VS Kruger.

  4. These look cool. Now I need to see the full movies.

  5. This is just a peek Medeia! Hopefully I didn't spoil any of them for you.

  6. I never saw Elysium, but I've heard that fight is insane David. All the Pacific Rim fights were so good it was hard to narrow down to two.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to watch them Jay! I figure most people are going to hit their favorites and they're all spectacular.

  8. Billions and billions of dollars of damage Alex. No other battle came close. :)

  9. great stuff, i need to catch up on a few films... man of steel was epic.

  10. Okay, you may be right. I was going to argue Spock/Khan, but Superman/Zod way well trump it.

  11. How can you not list the Iron Man one boot-one glove fight? That was amazing.


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