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Would You Rather: Talk to Animals or Extraterrestrials

It's Tuesday, and time for another round of "would you rather," where you make the tough choices. Last week's question, "would you rather have superstrength or superspeed," 83% chose superspeed. This week, we'll tackle communication.

The Scenario

You visit the laboratory at Wood University, expecting another round of bizarre human experimentation. Instead, Professor Rather explains they've turned to a new field: communication. The lab has developed the technology to give you instant ability to communicate with another group of lifeforms. At first, the mental implant was developed to give you the ability to instantly understand and be understood by all animals on Earth. However, a recent development has changed things: extraterrestrial contact. A spaceship has landed on the White House lawn, and strange visitors from another world have stepped out. The lab can change the setting on the implant so you can communicate with the alien visitors, but at the price of animal communication. Wood U's Rather asks, "which do you choose?"

The Ground Rules

  • The implant can only be programmed once. Once it's programmed, you won't get another chance.
  • The implant is permanent, so you'll have the ability for the rest of your life.
  • If you choose animal communication, you will be able to understand and be understood by any animal on Earth. That includes dogs, fish, insects, and even worms. To you, their very thoughts will be as easily read as spoken English, and your spoken words will become easily translated by the animals. You'll be a connection between humans and animals, worldwide.
  • If you choose extraterrestrial communication, you will be able to understand and be understood by all members of the alien race. You'll be the ambassador and main conduit for the human race until alien language classes start for everyone else..

Make your choice and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. Oops, where first of all I seem to have to prove I'm not a robot. Okay, I'm a paranoid android :)

    I already talk to animals. So, yeah, being understood by an alien race would be pretty darned interesting.

    Gary the android :)

  2. I would choose animals.
    I could have my own army of animals to take over the World!!
    Cue Evil Laughter Muwhahaha!

  3. Ah, but what would animals say? Feed me! Change my liter box. Don't eat me.

    Hopefully the aliens say more than take me to your Uranus...

  4. I'd love to know what bulldogs are thinking.

  5. At the moment, this is a no-brainer. Although I've long been developing a story about animals who ARE aliens. *mind blown*

  6. Any animal doctor can claim that. Rather, we mean that the veterinarian chooses to treat the entire dog at once, instead of treating only the part of the body that is exhibiting the dog's symptoms.dogtor


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