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Timeline of When Scifi Technology Became Reality [Infographic]

It's often been said that science fiction authors imagine technology before it happens. Spaceships, portable wireless communicators, and handheld computers were all imagined before technology reached the point where they became reality. This infographic by ATTsavings shows a timeline of when a technology was portrayed in movies and TV, and when it actually became real.

[Via attsavings.com]

Which scifi technology have you most enjoyed? What currently fictional technology do you hope will become real, and when do you think it will happen?

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  1. I'd wager someone had hydroponics before Voyager in 1995.

  2. PDA's were before DS9 though. They used similar devices in the the very first Star Trek series.

  3. I've enjoyed having cell phones...now that they are not the "Brick"cell phone!
    I'd like to have a robot maid like Rosie from the Jetsons, or for fun Marvin, the Paranoid Android. Brain the size of a planet, and I would have him open doors. ;)

  4. Ford Prefect works for Wikipedia? And all he could come up to say about our entire planet was "mostly harmless?" The article, methinks, is a stub.

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