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Tales From Twitter: Darth Vader Love Advice, Etc.

We feature a lot of interesting and funny pictures on our Twitter feed. Here are six for this week.
Clickbait History, Source: XKCD
Darth Vader Love Advice, Source: Unknown
Jabba the Pooh, Source: Geektyrant
Lady Thor, Source: HeGeekSheGeek
Because you're worth it, Source: Unknown
Owning a Real Lightsaber, Source: Unknown

Which was your favorite?

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  1. I can't decide if I'm amused or horrified at Kanga being bikini Leia. It's probably both; that's where the confusion is. These were funny!

  2. I still feel that Piglet is being typecast as the Gamorrean Guard!

  3. Kanga in the Leia role is disturbing...

  4. Owning a Real Lightsaber... I would be that percent of cutting off my limb.


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