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10 Black Actresses Who Should Play Batman's Girlfriend in MAN OF STEEL 2

Batman "Batman R.I.P. (Part I) - Midnight in the House of Hurt" #676 - Batman kissing Black girlfriend Jezebel Jet
Which black actress would be perfect for Bruce Wayne?

Last week, Comic Book Movie said the studio is seriously thinking about giving Bruce Wayne a black girlfriend in Man of Steel 2. Nailbiter111 says, "We know that Bruce Wayne is getting a love interest in the film, but what you may not know is that [Warner Bros.] really wants to cast an African-American actress for the part. I'm told by my source, that Ben Affleck will be reading with several actresses this very week to see if they have chemistry. This will be a committed relationship, not just a one night stand. It's so serious, that she will know Bruce's superhero identity." If that's true this a serious, but welcome, change for Batman.

For some reason, all Batman's girlfriends have been White. Vicki Vale, Chase Meridian and Rachel Dawson were all Caucasian. It's about time he showed he's the progressive world traveler we saw in Batman Begins. The upcoming Man of Steel sequel, known as Superman vs. Batman, casts Ben Affleck as a world-weary Batman who comes toe-to-toe with Superman (Henry Cavill).

The studio may have already cast the role but I've got a list of a few actresses that would be perfect for the role of Batman's first Black girlfriend.

10. Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox
 Vivica A. Fox is a sexy and powerful Black woman. That's why she's gotten a ton of roles in movies like Independence Day, Set It Off, Soul Food and Why Do Fools Fall in Love. Her role in Kill Bill proves she can handle any action scenes that might come up while defending her man.

9. Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

Bruce Wayne is supposed to be older, so why shouldn't Batman's girlfriend? Vanessa Williams is a beauty pageant winner, so we know she's got the looks. But she also won an Emmy for Ugly Betty, which means she can play a strong black woman. She's also an accomplished singer in case they need her for the Superman vs. Batman soundtrack.

8. Regina Hall

Regina Hall

Regina Hall is best known for her comedy roles in the Scary Movie films, but she's also played in classic romance films like Love & Basketball and The Best Man. She can handle the pain that Bruce Wayne is feeling without letting it overwhelm her. As she said in Scary Movie 4, "this is some s**t, up with which we will not put."

7. Naomie Harris

 Naomie Harris
 Naomie Harris has a classic style and would great on Bruce's arm at a party. She's already played in genre movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Skyfall, so she's perfect for playing a superhero girlfriend. It would also be a great plot twist if she's really a mad sea goddess.

6. Jada Pinkett Smith

 Jada Pinkett Smith
 Jada Pinkett Smith has never done a comic book movie, but she was in the Matrix films. She's smart, sexy and has a ton of attitude. She's only 5 feet tall, but just imagine her standing on a footstool to get all up in Bruce Wayne's face for punching Superman.

5. Regina King

Regina King started out in the 80s sitcom 227, but has gone on to play diverse roles from How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and Poetic Justice to The Big Bang Theory. She has beauty and street-smarts, so she can hold her own next to a crime-fighter. Plus, she's great for lightening up the "Dark Knight."

4. Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman
Freema Agyeman played the Doctor's companion on Doctor Who, and has an exotic charm. She played a lawyer on Law and Order: UK, so she's used to being with crime-fighters.

3. Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton
The wonderful Thandie Newton is no stranger to action films since she played in Mission Impossible II, but her dramatic acting shined in movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and For Colored Girls.

2. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a familiar site to comic book fans thanks to her roles in the X-Men films as Ororo "Storm" Monroe. Halle Berry is sexy and powerful which are two characteristics Bruce Wayne will definitely need.

1. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington currently stars in the hit show Scandal, but we've already seen her play a superhero girlfriend. In Fantastic Four she played Ben Grimm's blind girlfriend Alicia Masters. She's beautiful and gracious and knows how to keep secrets. I can hear her saying, "What...have you...done?!"

While Bruce Wayne has never had a Black girlfriend in the movies, he did in the comics. Back in 2008, he started dating an African supermodel named Jezebel Jet. She even learned his identity. Could the unnamed Black girlfriend in Superman vs. Batman be Jezebel Jet? Only time will tell.

The Man of Steel 2 movie, Batman vs. Superman, opens in theaters in 2015.

What do you think
? Should Batman be dating a Black woman? If so, who should play her?

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  1. Some pretty ladies there. Naomie Harris would be my pick.

  2. Maybe Affleck will decide to cast his wife Jennifer Garner.

  3. Thandie Newton! Thandie Newton! Thandie Newton!

  4. I'd like to see more color in all the superhero stories. I'd also like to see gals play more than love interests. Freema looks like she'd be fun and sassy.

  5. I mentioned this on twitter but I would exclude Vanessa, Halle & Vivica. I would add Nicole Beharie, Teyonah Paris, Tatyana Ali, Tikia Sumpter & maybe even Gugu Mbatha-Raw. If they didn't require them wearing wigs I like Danai Gurria & Lupita Nyong’o.
    The point is there are so many under used black actresses out there that it's a shame to go to the same 2 or 3 all the time.

  6. I like Freema, Naomie and Thandie from the list. I would also add Salli Richardson and Anika Noni Rose.


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